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Do you operate a small manufacturing business and love your work but feel frustrated with your business?

Are you worried that 2017 may not be better than last year?

What if you don’t make improvements in 2017?  What will your business look like 3 years from now?

Are you finally ready to make some changes so that 2017 can be the best year of your life?

If not now … when?

You can have a business that gives you the financial and personal freedom you want!

The “Your Manufacturing Business Success” program will guide you, step by step through a program guaranteed to change the way you do business and give you the missing tools to achieve your goals.


It starts with a short phone conversation … no obligations, no cost, no pressure. Just a conversation to see if you are a good fit for this program that can help you transform your business.  It’s not for everyone, only those ready and willing to do the work needed to achieve their goals.

During our short 10 minute call, I will ask you some specific questions that will help us determine the best solutions to your problems and how we can find a permanent solution to them.  When we are done you will have a very clear plan on what the next step to take are.

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The harsh reality is so many small business owners suffer in silence for many years and never ask for help.  The good news is, it is never too late. Your years in business gives you a massive advantage to avoid the “bad stuff” again while learning new “good stuff”.

Why listen to what I have to say I hear you ask?  I was one of those people suffering in silence. I spent too many years unhappy and frustrated that my small cabinetmaking business was not giving me the things I wanted in life – like time, money and freedom – until I learned the secrets to a successful business.

I am now sharing all my discoveries and knowledge with you so you can grow your business and thrive. 

The mental blocks and stubborn belief that you can do it all can be the one thing holding you back. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. If you have not yet been able to build the business you want, you simply need to learn more to be able to do more.

 Why wait any longer to get started? 

I believe every person in business can have the success and lifestyle they want.  

My passion as your business coach and advisor comes from my personal experiences in my own manufacturing businesses. I will share with you the common elements I have found an all successful businesses. We will then apply these elements to your business.

 If I am privileged to work with you, my goal is to help you discover a new perspective. This will change your thinking so you will truly believe you will achieve your goals.  We can then work together with dedication and perseverance until you have achieved your goals.

Bruce Poling

Bruce Poling -Creative and passionate manufacturing business coach and advisor

This letter is to inform you of our satisfaction with the Planit program that your company supplied to us. It is a fantastic program. It does much more than we ever expected. It has taken us out of the dark ages of cabinetmaking, rejuvenated our zest for our work and helped us keep up to the demand for cabinets in this area. Bruce Poling, the machine integrator, did a great job. The way he has set up the templates for us has given us all we need and more. The support service that we have received from him has been excellent. His method of using dowel and confirmat screws makes for assembling the cabinets quick and easy which eliminates having to use case clamps and makes for, so to speak, a tank of a cabinet. I would have to say our cabinet boxes rate at the top of the line now, with many thanks to Bruce Poling. We do, have and will HIGHLY recommend your company and services to any other cabinet company. So please fell free to use us as a reference. We will gladly tell others of the great experience it has been.

Gilles Bordeleau, Bourdeleau Cabinet Shop

Bruce is an extraordinary person. I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. Bruce has outstanding organizational skills and provided great leadership and teaching skills during his contract with Organized Interiors taking us to the next level in our business. He is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results and I would highly recommend Bruce to your company with absolute confidence and would not hesitate in hiring his consulting services again.

Enrico Tersigni, GM, Organized Interiors

Bruce is the sensei of business sense.
In my quest for deeper knowledge of business processes Bruce has been a crowning jewel. Always approachable and ever patient Bruce challenges you to consider a different angle or to unravel a puzzle to come to a greater understanding of the big picture, all while keeping focus on the task at hand.
His passion for small business resonates even over internet chats and I am always able to take away a tidbit to digest until our next highly anticipated conversation.
I very highly recommend Bruce if you are seeking to sharpen your vision and reignite your passion for your business

Amy Mytnik

Bruce Poling successfully conducted a series of workshops at Gellibrand Cabinet Works relating to modern and competitive manufacturing.

Gellibrand Cabinet Works is a small business providing architectural joinery. Our company prides itself on being reliable and providing a product of a high standard with emphasis on customer satisfaction. Operating for over 20 years, we have recently found the extremely competitive business environment spurred on through the GFC difficult to come to terms with. We can no longer expect clients to pay higher prices and increased rates for products in an era when most manufacturing is moving overseas where costs are cheaper. Meanwhile our running costs and wages have been continually on the increase. We need to work quickly to reinvent ourselves and alter our methods in a fast changing market.

Bruce has provided an opportunity to look at aspects of our business through fresh eyes. We have conducted our business in the same manner for many years and from the moment Bruce walked into our factory he has been able to make many recommendations for improvements. Systems such as “5s” and visual communications techniques have been implemented to improve and boost staff morale.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce Poling and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Joe Sokolic, Gellibrand Cabinetworks

Bruce became our business coach in 2015.  During that time he has helped us recreate the business into a business we are passionate about.  When we first met him we felt somewhat lost and dejected after many difficult years in business.

We are now very proud if the fact we have been able to pull out of a dark period in business and now know we control our success and feel very positive about our future.

We would recommend Bruce highly to any small business that is wanting to grow and take things to the next level.

Leigh and Penny Sabatino , Hubby Made


You don’t grow your business, your people do!

Building great relationships with your people will create safety and trust.  Ensuring you have a clear purpose everyone believes in is essential.  With an inspirational Purpose, they will have clear Direction .. with clear direction, they will have effective Leadership.

Leadership def: “to lead in a specific direction to  a specific destination”.